Top 7 Programs For Creating Music

You are interested in programs for creating and editing house music. RedBull prepared a review for you. Quite often you have to hear the question of how best to prepare your mix. Everything goes further software to create music at home. In this article we will look at the majority of popular programs that will help you to perform at the national final of the Red Bull Music Boom !




1) MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio

The easiest and most functional studio that even a beginner can master. For example, if after creating a mix you want to give quality and sound to your creation, this studio contains a wide range of effects for mastering and information.









2) FL Studio








One of the most popular virtual studios for creating mixes, which has full functionality, which will not only reduce the mix, but also in the end get quality and worthy material. 90% of beginners choose FL Studio because it has a clear interface, you can understand it without much knowledge of terms and concepts, and also thanks to the huge number of built-in plug-ins and effects that contain thousands of presets that will help make your mix even brighter , than the competitors.




3) Cakewalk SONAR








No less famous program Sonar for creating mixes from one of the "pioneers" of the market - Cakewalk . The program is good for quality mixes, and has long been used by professional DJs to create their own sets and compositions. And an intuitive interface, slightly different from FL Studio , attracts more and more newcomers time after time.




4) Steinberg Cubase








One of the most popular programs among professionals. Its main difference from analogs is the manual tuning of presets, which can become, as a pledge of great success, and a "failure" choice. But the latter can only become a consequence of haste, because Cubase is designed for people who are sensitive to their creativity, and allows you to direct the sound without limiting yourself to anything.




5) Ableton Suite







This program also has extensive functionality for editing, creating and mixing tracks. For beginners, its interface may seem complicated, but it's only at first. A few hours of use - and the best assistant in mixing mixes can not be found.




6) Presonus Studio One Pro







Previously, Presonus was engaged in useful and interesting plug-ins for other programs, but decided to narrow down their specialization, and as practice showed, it was not for nothing. The peculiarity of Studio One Pro is that it can not only create, but also edit existing mixes. By its uniqueness and functionality, the program for a short time managed to become one step with FL Studio . First of all, thanks to the large and high-quality functionality, a huge set of standard instruments, as well as the speed and quality of the finished mixes.


 7) Propellerhead Reason 4





One of the most popular programs for creating music in the world. You did not misinterpret, it was in the world. In terms of functionality, it overlaps with the previous 6 programs, but it has a significant disadvantage - it is complicated. Work with it will be only professionals who have created more than one mix in FL Studio , or the plodding beginners who are ready to "turn off the mountains" for the sake of a quality mix. First and foremost, it concerns the functional, which gives the author the ability to emulate a track rack with the analog synthesis synthesizers, samplers, signal processing devices, sequencers and mixers installed in it. It sounds menacing, but only at first.

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